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Nicholas Tapia



I had the good fortune to be born into photography.  My training began at birth with my career as a “model” for many of Frank’s shoots.  Throughout my childhood, I watched him work in the dark room.  In 2006, at the age of 18, I began to learn the formal skills of being a photographer when I accompanied Frank for the first time on a professional photo shoot.


In between then and now, I have developed my other interests, namely: earning a college degree from the University of California Santa Barbara, living abroad, and becoming a professional Argentine Tango dancer and instructor.  After competing in the 2012 USA Tango Championship, I started to work more closely with Frank on a regular basis and broaden my photography skills. Being mentored by a master commercial  photographer is an awesome process.


For many of our photo shoots, I regularly set up lighting, take photographs, and perform post-production Photoshop work. I also act as an invaluable second pair of eyes for difficult shoots. I continue to augment my skills and really enjoy creating quality images for our clients.