Frank Tapia

I began my photography career  when I bought a camera to document a trip to the Havasu Canyon in Arizona. Something magical happened inside those red canyon walls, for I was soon absorbed with the art and technology of "creating images." I left the Experimental Psychology Masters program at San Francisco State and completed a commercial photography program through UC Berkeley Extension. I built my own darkroom and bought state of the art equipment.


I became staff photographer for the University of California Berkeley Professional Development Program and the following year obtained a photographer position with University of California Berkeley Extension Continuing Education of the Bar.


I opened my own photography studio. I bought my first computer and digital equipment, and the photography studio evolved into a Commercial Photography Studio.


My primary goal is to help our clients achieve their communication objectives. Clients know best their products, services or business, thus the process of producing a strong image(s) is a collaborative effort. As a commercial photographer, I understand that a good business relationship is simple. I deliver what was promised for the cost negotiated and on time. Photography is my passion, so I deliver the best quality images possible.