Headshots or portraits are a person’s representation to the world, and naturally, we all want to look our best. As portrait photographers, we employ techniques to help you feel and appear comfortable. Our Berkeley photography studio is a low stress environment where you can relax and enjoy selecting an image that you will be proud to share in print or on the web.


A portrait session consists of the following process, which takes 35 minutes to one hour.


We usually apply dulling powder to reduce shine on the face. Clients are given detailed instructions as to shoulder, head and eyes positions. During the instructions, we shoot 30 to 50 shots. We review images on a 27" monitor and you select the best one. If none of the images work for you, then we shoot again. After selecting an image that you really like, we do air brushing through Photoshop as requested.


After the photo session, digital files are transferred to your flash drive or emailed to you, thus no tax is applied.





People photographed using beauty lighting and beauty post processing. We can apply as little or as much make-up as you desire in post processing.


Beauty portraits are only taken in the studio.





We will set up a digital studio at your location anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area or Phoenix Metropolitan Area.